LocalStack 101

This LocalStack course will walk you through everything you need to know to get started using LocalStack and on your way to becoming a more efficient and productive Cloud developer. Have fun exploring!

Course Overview

In this first video, we will explore the diverse sections covered in this e-course, providing an overview of the exciting topics to be discussed. Discover the course's main themes and gain insight into specific sections through a concise overview, allowing you to easily navigate to your preferred content.

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What is LocalStack

Discover the power of LocalStack, a game-changing platform enabling Cloud Development Teams to test and develop Cloud applications locally. Replacing AWS in most use cases, LocalStack ships as a Docker image, and supports APIs for over 70 AWS services, along with advanced collaboration features and CI integrations.

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Why LocalStack

LocalStack is a game-changing platform for cloud developers, offering enhanced productivity, cost savings, and simplified maintenance. With faster deployment and reduced dependency on infrastructure teams, developers can unleash their full potential and streamline cloud workflows.

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Getting started

Discover multiple ways to dive into LocalStack's world of cloud development. Learn the easiest method, using the LocalStack CLI, or alternatively, you can pull the Docker image, run it or include it in Docker Compose, and start using AWS services.

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Web App and Resource Browser

LocalStack Web Application lets you view and manage all aspects of the LocalStack platform. In this guide you will learn about Resource Browser, that allows you to view, manage, and deploy AWS resources locally while building & testing cloud applications locally.

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Full Project Demo

This video explores one of our many Developer Hub sample applications, a note-taking application. We'll take you through the full process, from checking out the GitHub project, to running the functioning app on LocalStack.

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Cloud Pods and Collaborative Work

Discover Cloud Pods: a mechanism offering persistent snapshots of LocalStack's application state. Uncover their significance in enabling reproducible applications, collaborative sandboxing, and consistent AWS API parity. Engage in a brief and enlightening demo showcasing their practicality.

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