Getting started

Discover multiple ways to dive into LocalStack’s world of cloud development. Learn the easiest method, using the LocalStack CLI, or alternatively, you can pull the Docker image, run it or include it in Docker Compose, and start using AWS services.

There are several LocalStack installation methods to kickstart your cloud development journey. Discover multiple pathways to initiate your LocalStack experience:

You’ll understand the diverse approaches to LocalStack installation:

  1. Quickstart with LocalStack CLI:
  • Install awscli-local and localstack via pip install. On macOS you can use brew install.
  • Start LocalStack using localstack start.
  • Create a bucket and list buckets using awslocal s3 mb s3://test and awslocal s3 ls.
  1. Alternative - Docker: Dive into an alternate installation method using Docker: pull the image and run it, it’s that easy.
  2. Docker Compose: Explore yet another approach via Docker Compose.

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Up Next

Web App and Resource Browser

LocalStack Web Application lets you view and manage all aspects of the LocalStack platform. In this guide you will learn about Resource Browser, that allows you to view, manage, and deploy AWS resources locally while building & testing cloud applications locally.


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