Web App and Resource Browser

LocalStack Web Application lets you view and manage all aspects of the LocalStack platform. In this guide you will learn about Resource Browser, that allows you to view, manage, and deploy AWS resources locally while building & testing cloud applications locally.

In this informative video we guide you through the essential steps of the LocalStack platform:

  • Witness the seamless login flow and discover how to configure the web app.
  • Learn how to effortlessly connect your LocalStack Account to enable a smooth integration experience.
  • Explore the Resource Browser as we demonstrate how to list and create fundamental resources.
  • To create an account for LocalStack, visit app.localstack.cloud/sign-up. You can sign up with your email address or one of our supported social identity providers (such as GitHub).

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Full Project Demo

This video explores one of our many Developer Hub sample applications, a note-taking application. We'll take you through the full process, from checking out the GitHub project, to running the functioning app on LocalStack.


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