LocalStack Integrations - Infrastructure-as-Code and CI tools

In this video, we will see how LocalStack can be used with infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and continuous integration (CI) tools to enable local development more efficient, and foster team collaboration. LocalStack integrations allow you to use your favorite tools to create and manage AWS resources locally.

LocalStack integrates with various Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform or Pulumi assist in configuration management with added advantages like version control, ease of editing, and reproducibility. Additionally, LocalStack integrates with various CI platforms, such as GitHub Actions or CircleCI, to enable the cloud integrations tests before pushing changes to production.

We discuss how LocalStack integrates with infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and continuous integration (CI) tools. Towards the end, we’ll demonstrate a Terraform deployment of a PostgreSQL Aurora cluster on LocalStack, highlighting the time and resource savings compared to deploying directly on AWS.

Additionally, we’ll provide examples of using LocalStack with Terraform and Pulumi for reference.

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Creating infrastructure with Terraform locally

In this video, we'll utilize LocalStack's Terraform integration to deploy and configure local AWS resources on LocalStack. We'll use tflocal, a wrapper CLI that enables you to run Terraform commands against LocalStack. Alternatively you can use terraform CLI directly with minor modifications to the Terraform configuration, a topic we'll cover later in the video.


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