LocalStack Applications provide sample templates to help LocalStack users adopt real-world scenarios to rapidly and conveniently create, configure, and deploy applications locally. These sample applications help you establish your foundations in LocalStack and offer you a wide range of use cases and scenarios, all supported by LocalStack, to help you develop and test cloud applications efficiently.

Serverless Container-based APIs with Amazon ECS & API Gateway

Deploy a Full-Stack Serverless Web application, and deploy it with Terraform & CloudFormation on LocalStack

Full-Stack application with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB & S3 for shipment validation

Configure a CRUD web application for shipment validation & listing, and deploy it with Terraform on LocalStack

Step-up Authentication using Amazon Cognito

Setup a Step-up Authentication workflow for a higher level of security, deployed using Cloud Development Kit on LocalStack

Serverless microservices with Amazon API Gateway, DynamoDB, SQS, and Lambda

Serverless microservices for managing friend state in gaming services asynchronously deployed using Cloud Development Kit on LocalStack

Event-driven architecture with Amazon SNS FIFO, DynamoDB, Lambda, and S3

Event-driven architecture demonstrating a recruiting agency application deployed using Serverless Application Model on LocalStack

Note-Taking application using AWS SDK for JavaScript

Serverless Note-Taking application demonstrating a Web Application built using Lambda, API Gateway, and DynamoDB deployed using CDK on LocalStack

Serverless Image Resizer with AWS Lambda, S3, SNS, and SES

Serverless Image Resizer demonstrating a Web Application to resize upload images using S3 & Lambda with SNS to SES Subscriptions on LocalStack

Query data in S3 Bucket with Amazon Athena, Glue Catalog & CloudFormation

Leverage Amazon Athena to run standard SQL to analyze a large amount of data in Amazon S3 buckets deployed using CloudFormation on LocalStack

AppSync GraphQL APIs for DynamoDB and RDS Aurora PostgreSQL

Proxy data from different resources such as DynamoDB tables & RDS databases using AppSync GraphQL APIs deployed using Serverless Framework on LocalStack

MNIST handwritten digit recognition model running on a local SageMaker endpoint

Full-Stack application showcasing the deployment and invocation of a SageMaker endpoint on LocalStack

Loan Broker application with AWS Step Functions, DynamoDB, Lambda, SQS, and SNS

Serverless architecture demonstrating a Loan Broker application with a a Recipient List pattern and a Scatter Gather pattern deployed using Cloud Development Kit (CDK) on LocalStack

Amazon RDS initialization using CDK, Lambda, ECR, and Secrets Manager

Amazon RDS initialization using CDK and CloudFormation Custom Resources with Lambda functions for compute layer and running queries against the deployed database on LocalStack

Messaging Processing application with SQS, DynamoDB, and Fargate

Messaging Processing application that demonstrates a Fargate container that interacts with SQS & DynamoDB, deployed using Cloud Development Kit on LocalStack

Serverless Transcription application using Transcribe, S3, Lambda, SQS, and SES

Transcription sample application simplifies and streamlines the process of transcribing audio files and deployed using Serverless Framework on LocalStack