API Gateway V2

API Gateway V2

Basic support for API Gateway V2 is included in the Pro version, which allows for creation of local WebSocket APIs for long-lived connections and bi-directional communication between the API and your clients.

For example, given the following Serverless configuration:

  - serverless-localstack
    handler: handler.handler
      - websocket:
          route: test-action

Upon deployment of the Serverless project, a new API Gateway V2 endpoint will be created in LocalStack. The awslocal CLI can be used to get the list of APIs, which should contain the WebSocket endpoint, e.g., ws://localhost:4510 in the example below:

$ awslocal apigatewayv2 get-apis
    "Items": [{
        "ApiEndpoint": "ws://localhost:4510",
        "ApiId": "129ca37e",

Assuming your project contains a simple Lambda handler.js like this:

module.exports.handler = function(event, context, callback) {
  callback(null, event);

… then sending a message to the WebSocket at ws://localhost:4510 will result in the same message getting returned as a response on the same WebSocket.

For a simple, self-contained example please refer to this Github repository.