This page lists new features, highlights, and bug fixes for official LocalStack releases.


This page documents the release notes for official LocalStack major and minor releases since LocalStack v1.0.0. If you are looking for information about nightly releases, preview features, or experimental features, pull the latest Docker image. The changelog is updated with every release. Updates that affect only LocalStack Web Application or features in preview or limited release may not be reflected.

Features under Development

LocalStack uses the following terminology to communicate features under development:

  • Preview refers to a feature under development that usually evolves into becoming a stable feature. We encourage you to try out these features and report bugs, missing functionality, or general feedback.
  • Experimental refers to a feature prototype that demonstrates initial feasibility and usually comes with many limitations. Please share your feedback to shape such features and express your interest to get them prioritized.

Disclaimer: Features under development (i.e., labelled as preview/beta, experimental/alpha, or similar terms) are subject to changes (e.g., behavior, pricing tiers) or even complete removal.

Official Releases

LocalStack follows Semantic Versioning except for AWS parity fixes, which can be released as patch version because we are committed to make LocalStack behave the same way AWS does.

VersionRelease DateRelease Notes
v3.4.0April 25, 2024v3.4.0
v3.3.0March 28, 2024v3.3.0
v3.2.0February 29, 2024v3.2.0
v3.1.0January 25, 2024v3.1.0
v3.0.0November 16, 2023v3.0.0
v2.3.0September 29, 2023v2.3.0
v2.2.0July 20, 2023v2.2.0
v2.1.0May 25, 2023v2.1.0
v2.0.0March 30, 2023v2.0.0
v1.4.0February 13, 2023v1.4.0
v1.3.0December 1, 2022v1.3.0
v1.2.0October 8, 2022v1.2.0
v1.1.0September 3, 2022v1.1.0
v1.0.0July 13, 2022v1.0.0