SageMaker Runtime

Implementation details for API sagemaker-runtime

Coverage Overview

SageMaker Runtime is supported by LocalStack only in the pro image.

OperationImplementedImageInternal Test SuiteExternal Test SuiteTerraform ValidatedAWS ValidatedSnapshot TestedDetails


  • Internal Test Suite: tested by LocalStack's internal integration test suite
  • External Test Suite: covered by an external integration test suite, that runs against LocalStack
  • Terraform Validated: operation tested with Terraform
  • AWS Validated: the integration test that includes this operation call was validated against AWS
  • Snapshot Tested: the operation is part of a snapshot parity test, which verifies the responses by LocalStack and AWS are the same

Testing Details

This section gives an overview about the internal integration test suite and the specific test cases that recorded the API call.

How to read the test details?

For each operation we put up a list of the related integration test cases.
Those operation calls have been recorded during the execution of the outlined test cases. Some calls might be internal, i.e., they are not explicitly called in the test, but are triggered implicitly by the LocalStack framework.

  • Parameters: The tests are ordered by the parameters used, which are highlighted in bold.
  • Test Details: LocalStack Community or LocalStack Pro indicates where the test originates. For each test you see:
    • test name
    • status code returned (which is the expected one for the test case)
    • information about validation:
      • AWS validated the test is validated against AWS, meaning it run successfully against real AWS as well
      • Snapshot Tested this is a snapshot parity test, meaning the responses are validated against AWS