LocalStack Tools

Increase your development efficiency with LocalStack Cloud Developer Tools.

The core of LocalStack is the cloud service emulation. But LocalStack also provides a variety of tools to make your life as a cloud developer easier.

With LocalStack Cloud Developer Tools you can:

  • persist the state of the AWS services running in your LocalStack instance via Cloud Pods
  • hot-swap your Lambda code changes instantly
  • debug Lambda executions directly from your IDE
  • inject LocalStack service endpoints automatically into your application
  • … and much more!

Analytics Dashboard

An Introduction to the LocalStack Pro Analytics Dashboard

Cloud Pods

Cloud Pods provides a new way of collaborating in cloud application development workflows.

LocalStack Testing Tools

Tools to simplify application testing

Lambda Tools

Develop your Lambdas more efficiently.

Local Endpoint Injection

Transparently inject local endpoints into AWS SDKs and redirect your AWS calls to LocalStack