User Guides

Develop your understanding of various LocalStack features, integrations, and use cases.

Local AWS Services


How to use your favorite cloud development tools with LocalStack.

Continuous Integration

Run LocalStack in your CI environment to test your application against a high-fidelity cloud emulator

LocalStack Extensions

Use LocalStack Extensions to customize and extend your local development experience.

State Management

Cloud Pods provides a new way of collaborating in cloud application development workflows.

Chaos Engineering

Chaos Engineering with LocalStack enables you to build resilient systems early on in the development phase.

Security Testing

Security Testing in LocalStack allows you to test your IAM policies and permissions locally resembling the AWS environment.

Cloud Sandbox

You can run a LocalStack instance as a Cloud Sandbox and access it from your local machine.

LocalStack Tools

Increase your development efficiency with LocalStack Cloud Developer Tools.

Lambda Tools

Develop your Lambdas more efficiently.

LocalStack Web Application

The LocalStack web app allows you to access additional features of LocalStack as well as to manage subscription and licenses, workspace members and permissions.

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