Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

Get started with Elastic Container Registry (ECR) on LocalStack

A basic version of Elastic Container Registry (ECR) is available to store application images. ECR is often used in combination with other APIs that deploy containerized apps, like ECS or EKS.

$ awslocal ecr create-repository --repository-name repo1
    "repository": {
        "repositoryArn": "arn:aws:ecr:us-east-1:000000000000:repository/repo1",
        "registryId": "abc898c8",
        "repositoryName": "repo1",
        "repositoryUri": "localhost:4510/repo1"

You can then build and tag a new Docker image, and push it to the repository URL (localhost:4510/repo1 in the example above):

$ cat Dockerfile
FROM nginx
ENV foo=bar

$ docker build -t localhost:4510/repo1 .
Successfully built e2cfb3cf012d
Successfully tagged localhost:4510/repo1:latest
$ docker push localhost:4510/repo1
The push refers to repository [localhost:4510/repo1]
318be7aea8fc: Pushed
fe08d5d042ab: Pushed
f2cb0ecef392: Pushed
latest: digest: sha256:4dd893a43df24c8f779a5ab343b7ef172fb147c69ed5e1278d95b97fe0f584a5 size: 948

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