Get started with AWS IoT on LocalStack

Basic support for IoT (including IoT Analytics, IoT Data, and related APIs) is provided in the Pro version. The main endpoints for creating and updating entities are currently implemented, as well as the CloudFormation integrations for creating them.

The IoT API ships with a built-in MQTT message broker. In order to get the MQTT endpoint, the describe-endpoint API can be used; for example, using awslocal:

$ awslocal iot describe-endpoint
    "endpointAddress": "localhost:4510"

This endpoint can then be used with any MQTT client to send/receive messages (e.g., using the endpoint URL mqtt://localhost:4510).

LocalStack Pro also supports advanced features like SQL queries for IoT topic rules. For example, you can use the CreateTopicRule API to define a topic rule with a SQL query SELECT * FROM 'my/topic' where attr=123 which will trigger a Lambda function whenever a message with attribute attr=123 is received on the MQTT topic my/topic.

Last modified December 1, 2022: LocalStack Beta Docs (#337) (28576f89)