Chaos Engineering Dashboard

Effortlessly design, activate, and manage fault injection experiments with the LocalStack user-friendly dashboard.


LocalStack’s Chaos Engineering dashboard offers streamlined testing for cloud applications, enabling you to simulate server errors, service outages, regional disruptions, and network latency with ease, ensuring your app is ready for real-world challenges. You can find this Pro feature in the web app by navigating to

Web Application FIS Dashboard

LocalStack Web Application provides a dashboard for conducting FIS experiments in user stacks. This control panel offers various FIS experiment options, which includes:

  • 500 Internal Error: This experiment randomly terminates incoming requests, returning an Internal Server Error with a response code of 500.
  • Service Unavailable: This test causes all calls to specified services to receive a 503 Service Unavailable response.
  • AWS Region Unavailable: This experiment simulates regional outages and failovers by disabling entire AWS regions.
  • Latency: This test introduces specified latency to every API call, useful for simulating network latency or degraded network performance.

This LocalStack dashboard is not just an easy-to-use testing tool, it’s a foundation for building reusable Fault Injection Simulation (FIS) templates. By defining experiments using this interface, you create a set of customizable templates that can be seamlessly integrated into any future automation workflows. It’s a time-saving feature, ensuring consistent and efficient testing across various stages of your application’s development lifecycle.