Use LocalStack in CircleCI


Circle CI is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform which uses a configuration file (usually named .circleci/config.yml) to define the build, test, and deployment workflows. LocalStack supports CircleCI out of the box and can be easily integrated into your pipeline to run your tests against a local cloud emulator.

Getting started

This guide is designed for users new to CircleCI and assumes basic knowledge of YAML and LocalStack tooling. To create a CircleCI job that uses LocalStack, follow these steps:

  • Under the “Projects” tab, find your project and click “Set Up Project”
  • You’ll be prompted to add a configuration. You can add the configuration manually or choose a starter pipeline.
  • If you choose the starter CI pipeline, a sample config.yml file is created and committed to a circleci-project-setup branch in your repo.
  • You can add the following configuration to the config.yml file to start LocalStack and run your tests against it.
version: 2.1

  python: circleci/python@2.0.3

      image: ubuntu-2004:2022.04.1

      - checkout

      - run:
          name: Start LocalStack
          command: |
            pip3 install localstack awscli-local[ver1]
            docker pull localstack/localstack
            localstack start -d                     

            echo "Waiting for LocalStack startup..."  
            localstack wait -t 30                     
            echo "Startup complete"
      - run:
          name: Run AWS CLI commands against LocalStack
          command: |
            awslocal s3 mb s3://test-bucket
            awslocal sqs create-queue --queue-name test-queue
            awslocal sns create-topic --name test-topic            

  version: 2
      - example-job

The above CircleCI job does the following:

  • Defines a job called example-job that installs the localstack CLI and awslocal wrapper script to execute AWS CLI commands against LocalStack.
  • Pulls the LocalStack Docker image depending on the product tier via the localstack CLI (For Community, the image is localstack/localstack, while for Pro+ it is localstack/localstack-pro).
  • Starts LocalStack in the background and waits for it to become ready. After 30 seconds, the job will execute basic AWS CLI commands against LocalStack.

Configuring a CI key

To enable LocalStack Pro+, you need to add your LocalStack CI API key to the project’s environment variables. The LocalStack container will automatically pick it up and activate the licensed features.

Go to the CI Key Page page and copy your CI key. To add the CI key to your CircleCI project, follow these steps:

  • Click on Project Settings.
  • Select Environment Variables from the left side menu.
  • Click Add Environment Variable.
  • Name your environment variable LOCALSTACK_API_KEY.
  • Paste your CI key into the input field.
Adding the LocalStack CI key in CircleCI
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