Extensions Library

Extend LocalStack by adding new services and features as extensions


LocalStack extensions allows you to extend and customize LocalStack. A LocalStack extension is a Python application that runs together with LocalStack within the LocalStack container.

LocalStack extensions are available to licensed users, and the list of available extensions can be found in the Extensions Library.

LocalStack Extensions Library

Installing an Extension

To install an extension using the LocalStack Extensions Library, you can navigate to the app.localstack.cloud/extensions/library and click on the Go to Instance button to open the list of available instances. If you are running your LocalStack instance locally, you can click on the Default option.

You will be redirected to the LocalStack instance page, where you can directly click the Install button to install the Extension. The installation process will take a few seconds, and will restart your LocalStack instance. Click Continue to proceed.

Managing Extensions

You can further manage the installed extensions by navigating to the Extensions tab in the LocalStack Instance page. You can remove an Extension by clicking the Remove button.

Installed LocalStack Extensions Library