Official extensions

Here is a list of official extensions and where to find them:

Here is the current list of extensions developed by the LocalStack team and their support status. You can always find an up-to-date list in our Extension Library.

ExtensionDescriptionInstall nameVersionSupport status
AWS replicatorA LocalStack extension to replicate AWS resources into your local machine.localstack-extension-aws-replicator0.1.0Experimental
Diagnosis ViewerView the diagnostics endpoint directly in localstack.localstack-extension-diagnosis-viewer0.1.0Stable
httpbinA simple HTTP Request & Response Service directly in LocalStack using httpbin.localstack-extension-httpbin0.1.0Stable
MailHogWeb and API based SMTP testing directly in LocalStack using MailHog.localstack-extension-mailhog0.1.0Stable
MiniflareThis extension makes Miniflare (dev environment for Cloudflare workers) available directly in LocalStack!localstack-extension-miniflare0.1.0Experimental
StripeA LocalStack extension that provides a mocked version of Stripe as a service.localstack-extension-stripe0.1.0Stable

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