How to use your favorite cloud development tools with LocalStack.

LocalStack supports a wide range of tools from the cloud development ecosystem. This section of the documentation covers tools that are officially supported by LocalStack.

The Cloud Development Ecosystem

Cloud development has many facets and a rich ecosystem of tools to cover them. Whether you are using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) to manage your AWS infrastructure, or are developing applications using AWS SDKs like boto, LocalStack allows you to run your workflow completely on your local machine.

Sample of supported tools


We strive to make the integration of LocalStack into your workflow as seamless as possible. Sometimes it’s as easy as calling one of our wrapper tools, like awslocal, a drop-in replacement for the aws CLI. Other times there is a bit of configuration involved.

Here is a list of tools we support, and documentation on how to integrate LocalStack:

AWS Command Line Interface

How to use the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) with LocalStack.

Serverless Framework

Use the Serverless Framework with LocalStack

Spring Cloud Function

Use Spring Cloud Function framework with LocalStack


Use the Architect Infrastructure as Code framework with LocalStack

AWS Copilot CLI

Build, Release and Operate Containerized Applications on AWS with AWS Copilot CLI


Use the Terraform Infrastructure as Code framework with LocalStack


Monitor and debug your AWS Lambda functions with LocalStack and Thundra.


Use the AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model) with LocalStack


Use the AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) with LocalStack


Use the Pulumi Infrastructure as Code framework with LocalStack

Self-managed Kafka cluster

Using LocalStack lambda with self-managed Kafka cluster

AWS Chalice

Understanding the usage of AWS Chalice with LocalStack


Use GitPod’s fully automated, ephemeral workspaces to develop & test your cloud applications with LocalStack

Language SDKs

How to use your favorite cloud development SDK with LocalStack.

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