Use the Architect Infrastructure as Code framework with LocalStack
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Architect enables you to quickly build large serverless apps without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. On this page we discuss how Architect and LocalStack can be used together. If you are adapting an existing configuration, you might be able to skip certain steps at your own discretion.



To use Architect in conjunction with LocalStack, simply install the arclocal command (sources can be found here).

$ npm install -g architect-local @architect/architect aws-sdk

The arclocal command has the same usage as the arc command, so you can start right away.

Create a test directory

$ mkdir architect_quickstart && cd architect_quickstart

then create an architect project

$ arclocal init


Now you need to start LocalStack. After LocalStack has started you can deploy your Architect setup via:

$ arclocal deploy

Further reading

For more architect examples, you can take a look at the official architect docs.