Lambda Tools

Develop your Lambdas more efficiently.

Lambda Tools by LocalStack offers a suite of utilities to streamline the development of Lambda functions on your local machine. LocalStack’s Lambda emulation enables you to develop, deploy, and test your functions in a local environment, removing the need for deployment on AWS, while integrating with other AWS services. These tools aim to enhance the developer experience by providing quicker feedback cycles.

With Lambda Tools, you can:

  • Debug your Lambda function directly from your IDE by attaching a debugger, allowing for breakpoint setting, variable inspection, and code execution.
  • Implement hot reload configurations to automatically update your Lambda function whenever code changes are made, eliminating the need for repeated redeployments.
  • Directly deploy and invoke Lambda functions from VSCode utilizing the LocalStack VSCode extension, leveraging Serverless Application Model (SAM) or CloudFormation.

Hot Reloading

Hot code reloading continuously applies code changes to Lambda functions

Remote Debugging

Attach a debugger to your Lambda functions from within your IDE

VSCode Extension

Deploy and invoke Lambda functions in LocalStack directly from VSCode

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