VSCode Extension

Deploy and invoke Lambda functions in LocalStack directly from VSCode


LocalStack VSCode Extension supports deploying and invoking Python Lambda functions through AWS SAM or AWS CloudFormation.


Getting Started

You can use a sample project to get started with the extension. The sample project contains a simple Lambda function and a SAM template. Clone the repository and open the project in VSCode.

$ git clone https://github.com/joe4dev/lambda-python.git
$ cd lambda-python
$ code .

Install the LocalStack VSCode Extension as recommended by the project.

You can now open the Python handler function under app/hello_world.py. Click the CodeLens Deploy Lambda function, select the template.yaml, and choose a stack name such as my-stack.

Deploying Lambda function via the VS Code Extension

Click the CodeLens Invoke Lambda function and pick the stack name my-stack and the function hello-world-function.

Invoking Lambda function via the VS Code Extension

Current Limitations

  • The CodeLens for Deploy Lambda function always appears at the first line of each Python file.
  • Invoke Lambda function currently only works in the region us-east-1 and with an empty payload.