AWS Replicator Extension

A LocalStack extension to replicate AWS resources into your local machine

AWS Replicator Extension is a LocalStack extension that allows you to replicate AWS resources into your local machine.


To install the CLI extension, use the following pip command:

$ pip install "git+"

To install the Extension itself (server component running inside LocalStack), use the following extensions command:

$ localstack extensions install "git+"


This extension currently offers two modes of operation:

  • AWS connection proxy
  • Resource replicator CLI

AWS Connection Proxy

The AWS connection proxy can be used to forward certain API calls in LocalStack to real AWS, in order to enable seamless transition between local and remote resources.

For example, in order to forward all API calls for DynamoDB/S3/Cognito to real AWS, the proxy can be started via the CLI as follows:

# configure terminal session to allow access to a real cloud account
# start proxy via the CLI
$ localstack aws proxy -s dynamodb,s3,cognito-idp

Resource Replicator CLI

Resource Replicator CLI can be used to replicate the state, e.g., an SQS queue and the messages contained in it, from AWS into your LocalStack instance.

To use the resource replicator, make sure that you have access to AWS configured in your terminal. The extension will only talk to AWS in read-only mode, and will not make any changes to your real AWS account.

The following command can be used to replicate SQS queues (including their messages) into your LocalStack instance:

$ localstack aws replicate -s sqs

Once the command has completed, you should be able to list and interact with the queue that was replicated into your local account:

$ awslocal sqs list-queues
$ awslocal sqs receive-message --queue-url ...