Resource Browser

The Resource Browser allows you to view and manage your local AWS resources through the LocalStack Web Application.


The LocalStack Resource Browser allow you to view, manage, and deploy AWS resources locally while building & testing their cloud applications locally. It provides an internal, integrated experience, similar to the AWS Management Console, to manage the ephemeral resources in a LocalStack container on your local machine.

LocalStack Web Application's Resource Browsers outlining various local AWS services

The Resource Browser provide an experience similar to the AWS Management Console. However, the Resource Browser is not a replacement for the AWS Management Console and only replicate some of the features of the AWS Management Console. We recommend using our integrations to create your resources, with the Resource Browser being used for quick viewing and management of your resources.

The LocalStack Web Application connects to your LocalStack container and retrieves the information about your local resources directly via localhost without using the internet. None of the information is sent to the internet, or stored on any external servers maintained by LocalStack.

Supported services

The Resource Browser supports the following AWS services:

Resource GroupService
App IntegrationAPI Gateway
Amazon MQ
Amazon MWAA
Amazon SNS
Amazon SQS
Application Auto Scaling
AWS Step Functions
ComputeAmazon EC2
Amazon ECS
Amazon ECR
Amazon EKS
AWS Lambda
Management/GovernanceAWS Account
AWS CloudFormation
Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon CloudTrail
Amazon EventBridge (CloudWatch Events)
AWS Systems Manager (SSM)
Business ApplicationsAmazon SES
Developer ToolsAWS AppConfig
AWS CodeCommit
Front-end Web & MobileAWS Amplify
AWS AppSync
Security Identity ComplianceAWS ACM (Certificate Manager)
Amazon Cognito Identity
AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management)
AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
AWS Secrets Manager
StorageAmazon S3
AWS Backup
Machine LearningAmazon SageMaker
Amazon Transcribe
DatabaseAmazon DynamoDB
Amazon RDS
Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon QLDB
Amazon DocumentDB
Amazon Neptune
Amazon Timestream
AnalyticsAmazon Athena
Amazon Kinesis
Amazon MSK (Managed Streaming for Kafka)
AWS Glue
Amazon Route 53
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon OpenSearch Service
Cloud Financial ManagementAWS Cost Explorer


If you encounter a Network Failure error message while accessing the Resource Browser, it is likely that the LocalStack container is not running or the instance is not reachable at the endpoint specified in the instance bookmark.

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