Database Migration Service (DMS)

Get started with Database Migration Service (DMS) on LocalStack


AWS Database Migration Service provides migration solution from databases, data warehouses, and other type of data stores (e.g. S3, SAP). The migration can be homogeneous (source and target have the same type), but often times is heterogeneous as it supports migration from various sources to various targets (self-hosted and AWS services).

LocalStack only supports selected use cases for DMS at the moment. The supported APIs are available on our API coverage page, which provides information on the extent of DMS integration with LocalStack.

Getting started

You can run a DMS sample showcasing MariaDB source and Kinesis target from our GitHub repository.

  • The sample is using CDK to setup the infrastructure.
  • It setups two databases: one external MariaDB (starting in a docker container) and one RDS MariaDB.
  • It creates two cdc replication tasks, with different table mappings, that will run against the RDS database,
  • and two full-load replication tasks with different table mappings, running against the hosted (containerized) MariaDB.

To follow the sample, simply clone the repository:

git clone

Next, start LocalStack (there is a docker-compose included, setting the ENABLE_DMS=1 flag):

export LOCALSTACK_AUTH_TOKEN=<your-auth-token> # this must be a enterprise license token
docker-compose up

Now you can install the dependencies, deploy the resources, and run the tests:

# install dependencies
make install
# deploys cdk stack with all required resources (replication instances, tasks, endpoints)
make deploy
# starts the tasks
make run

You will then see some log output, indicating the status of the ongoing replication:

db endpoint: localhost:3306

	Cleaning tables
	Creating tables
	Inserting data

	Added the following authors
[{'first_name': 'John', 'last_name': 'Doe'}]

	Added the following accounts
[{'account_balance': Decimal('1500.00'), 'name': 'Alice'}]

	Added the following novels
[{'author_id': 1, 'title': 'The Great Adventure'},
 {'author_id': 1, 'title': 'Journey to the Stars'}]

****Full Task 1****

	Starting Full load task 1 a%
Replication Task arn:aws:dms:us-east-1:000000000000:task:FQWFF7YIZ4VGQHBIXCLI9FJTUUS17NSECIM0UR7 status: starting
Waiting for task status stopped
task='arn:aws:dms:us-east-1:000000000000:task:FQWFF7YIZ4VGQHBIXCLI9FJTUUS17NSECIM0UR7' status='starting'
task='arn:aws:dms:us-east-1:000000000000:task:FQWFF7YIZ4VGQHBIXCLI9FJTUUS17NSECIM0UR7' status='stopped'

	Kinesis events

fetching Kinesis event
Received: 6 events
[{'control': {},
  'metadata': {'operation': 'drop-table',
               'partition-key-type': 'task-id',
               'partition-key-value': 'FQWFF7YIZ4VGQHBIXCLI9FJTUUS17NSECIM0UR7',
               'record-type': 'control',
               'schema-name': 'dms_sample',
               'table-name': 'accounts',
               'timestamp': '2024-05-23T19:17:33.126Z'},
  'partition_key': 'FQWFF7YIZ4VGQHBIXCLI9FJTUUS17NSECIM0UR7.dms_sample.accounts'},
 {'control': {},
  'metadata': {'operation': 'drop-table',
               'partition-key-type': 'task-id',
               'partition-key-value': 'FQWFF7YIZ4VGQHBIXCLI9FJTUUS17NSECIM0UR7',
               'record-type': 'control',
               'schema-name': 'dms_sample',
               'table-name': 'authors',
               'timestamp': '2024-05-23T19:17:33.128Z'},

Supported Use Cases

DMS is in a preview state on LocalStack and only supports some selected use cases:

SourceTargetMigration Types
MariaDB (external)Kinesisfull-load, cdc
MySQL (external)Kinesisfull-load, cdc
RDS MariaDBKinesisfull-load, cdc
RDS MySQLKinesisfull-load, cdc

Resource Browser

The LocalStack Web Application provides a Resource Browser for managing:

You can access the Resource Browser by opening the LocalStack Web Application in your browser, navigating to the Resources section, and then clicking on Database Migration Service under the Migration and transfer section.

DMS Resource Browser

The Resource Browser supports CRD (Create, Read, Delete) operations on DMS resources.

Replication Instances

  • Create Replication Instance: To create a new replication instance, click the Create Replication Instance button and enter details such as the Replication Instance Identifier and Replication Instance class.
  • View Replication Instance: To view details of a replication instance, click on its ARN.
  • Delete Replication Instance: To delete a replication instance, select it, go to Actions, and choose Remove Selected.


  • Create Endpoint: To create a new endpoint, click on the Create Endpoint button and fill in necessary details such as the Endpoint Identifier, Endpoint Type, and Engine Name.
  • View Endpoint: To see the details of an endpoint, click on its ARN. You can further click Connections and test a conenction by specifying the Replication Instance ARN.
  • Delete Endpoint: To remove an endpoint, select it, navigate to Actions, and click Remove Selected.

Replication Tasks

  • Create Replication Task: To create a new replication task, press the Create Replication Task button and specify the Task Identifier, Source Endpoint Identifier, and Target Endpoint Identifier, among other settings.
  • View Replication Task: To review a replication task, click on the task identifier.
  • Delete Replication Task: To delete a replication task, choose the task, click on Actions, and select Remove Selected.

Current Limitations

For RDS MariaDB and RDS MySQL it is not yet possible to set custom db-parameters. In order to make those databases work with cdc migration for DMS, some default db-parameters are changed upon start if the ENABLE_DMS=1 flag is set:


Enum Values for CDC data events

To support Enum values for CDC data events, you need to enable the database setting BINLOG_ROW_METADATA=FULL

Migration Type

A replication task on LocalStack does currently only support full-load (migrate existing data) or cdc (replicate data changes only). On AWS there is also a combination for those, which is not yet implemented on LocalStack.


The ReplicationTaskSettings for a replication task only considers BeforeImageSettings, FullLoadSettings.CommitRate and FullLoadSettings.TargetTablePrepMode

Other Limitations

Last modified June 13, 2024: V3.5 (#1313) (72987dc7f)