LocalStack Docker Extension

Getting started with LocalStack Extension for Docker Desktop

The LocalStack Extension for Docker Desktop enables developers working with LocalStack to operate their LocalStack container via Docker Desktop, including checking service status, container logs, and configuring profiles. To install the LocalStack Extension for Docker Desktop, you need to have Docker Desktop installed on your machine.

LocalStack Extension for Docker Desktop


To utilize LocalStack’s Docker Extension, it is necessary to have a recent version of Docker Desktop (v4.8 or higher) installed on the local machine. To enable the extension, access the Preferences tab and select the Enable Docker Extensions option within the Extensions tab.

The LocalStack Extension for Docker Desktop has been validated and can be accessed on the Extensions Marketplace. To begin using it, navigate to the Extensions Marketplace, search for LocalStack, and click the Install button to proceed with the installation.

An alternative method for installing the LocalStack’s Extension for Docker Desktop is pulling the public Docker image from Docker Hub and installing it!

$ docker extension install localstack/localstack-docker-desktop:0.3.1

After installation, you can access the LocalStack Extension for Docker Desktop from the Extensions tab. Upon the initial launch of the extension, a prompt to select a mount point for the LocalStack container will appear. Select your username from the drop-down menu. Furthermore, you can modify this setting later by navigating to the Configurations tab and choosing a different mount point.


LocalStack’s Docker Extension helps users to manage their LocalStack container with a simple and intuitive user interface through Docker Desktop. The extension includes container management, configuration profile management, service status, and container logs!

Control LocalStack

You can start, stop, and restart LocalStack from the Docker Desktop. You can also see the current status of your LocalStack container and navigate to LocalStack Web Application.

LocalStack insights

You can see the log information of the LocalStack container and all the available services and their status on the service page.

LocalStack configurations

You can manage and use your profiles via configurations and create new configurations for your LocalStack container.