Transparent Endpoint Injection

Transparently inject local endpoints into AWS SDKs and redirect your AWS calls to LocalStack

In the community (open source) edition, the application code needs to configure each AWS SDK client instance with the target endpoint URL to point to the APIs on localhost or, in the case of Lambdas running in the context of LocalStack, the endpoint URL should point to http://${LOCALSTACK_HOSTNAME}:${EDGE_PORT}.

The Pro version provides two options for transparently making your application logic speak to the local APIs instead of real AWS (without having to change your production code):

  1. integrated DNS server
  2. patched AWS SDKs (deprecated)

More details can be found in the subsections below.

DNS Server

Use LocalStack as DNS server to redirect AWS queries to LocalStack

Patched AWS SDKs for Lambdas (Deprecated)

Using patched SDKs in Lambdas to transparently redirect AWS API calls to LocalStack

Last modified March 27, 2023: New lambda provider v2 (#532) (30abaa73b)