LocalStack Web Application

The LocalStack web app allows you to access additional features of LocalStack as well as to manage subscription and licenses, workspace members and permissions.

LocalStack Web Application is a web-based user interface that allows you to manage your LocalStack account and all aspects of the LocalStack platform, including licenses and subscription, and additional features like the resource browser, extensions, Stack Insights, Cloud Pods, CI analytics and more.


The LocalStack accounts gives users access to the features in the web app like the resource browser, Stack Insight, Cloud pods, extensions and more.


A workspace is the base organizational unit in the LocalStack web application.

Managing Users and Licenses

Invite new users and manage a user’s license and legacy API key.

Resource Browser

The Resource Browser allows you to view and manage your local AWS resources through the LocalStack Web Application.

Custom local endpoint

Connect the web app to instances running on custom local endpoints

Extensions Library

Extend LocalStack by adding new services and features as extensions

Cloud Pods Browser

The Cloud Pods Browser allows you to view, manage, and explore your Cloud Pods through the LocalStack Web Application.

Stack Insights

Stack Insights enable users to report AWS API usage telemetry of LocalStack runs to their LocalStack account.

Single-Sign On

Configuring Custom Single-Sign On (SSO) Providers in LocalStack Enterprise