LocalStack Accounts allow you to manage your resources & configurations, and serve as an entry point to our Web Application, the Pro CLI, and more!

To start using LocalStack’s Web Application, you must create an account. With a LocalStack account, you can sign-up for a license and use your API keys to access our advanced features. These include AWS services marked under Pro, Stack Insights, Cloud Pods, and more!

Creating an account

To create an account for LocalStack, visit You can sign up with your email address or one of our supported social identity providers (such as GitHub).

Sign Up Form

Account Types

You can choose between an individual account or a company account. When you sign up for LocalStack, you will automatically sign up for an individual account. These accounts are intended for non-company entities, such as individual developers.

To switch to a company account, you can do so from your section. Click on the toggle to switch to a company account. You will be prompted to add the following information about your organization:

  • Company Name
  • Country
  • Tax ID

The above information is required if you are acting on behalf of a company.

Switch for Individual and Company Account
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