The goal of these tutorials is to help you create a mental model for how LocalStack works.

Schema Evolution with Glue Schema Registry and Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK) using LocalStack

Find incompatibilities early or even avoid them altogether when developing Kafka producers or consumers! Learn how to test data schema evolution by using Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK) with the Glue Schema Registry in LocalStack.

Deploying Lambda container image locally with Elastic Container Registry (ECR) using LocalStack

You can create & deploy your Lambda functions using Lambda container image by packaging your code and dependencies in a Docker image! Learn how you can create a Lambda container image using a local Elastic Container Registry (ECR) in LocalStack.

Building a Java Notification app using AWS Java SDK, Simple Email Service (SES), and CloudFormation

Build a Java Spring Boot application to configure Simple Email Service (SES) to send messages using AWS Java SDK in LocalStack. Learn how to configure Simple Queue Service (SQS) & Simple Notification Service (SNS) using CloudFormation templates deployed locally.

Setting up Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Application Load Balancers using LocalStack, deployed via the Serverless framework

Set up Elastic Loading Balance (ELB) Application Load Balancers to configure Node.js Lambda functions as targets, to forward requests to the target group for your Lambda function using LocalStack. Learn how you can use Serverless framework to setup and deploy your infrastructure locally with LocalStack using the serverless-localstack plugin.

Host a static website locally using Simple Storage Service (S3) and Terraform with LocalStack

Host a static website using a Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket to serve static content by provisioning the infrastructure using Terraform in LocalStack. Learn how to configure S3 buckets locally for testing and integration, and make use of LocalStack’s S3 API & tflocal CLI to provision infrastructure locally.

Creating reproducible machine learning applications using Cloud Pods for persistent state snapshots

With LocalStack Cloud Pods, you can create persistent state snapshots to enable next-generation state management and team collaboration features for your local development environment. Learn how you can create reproducible machine learning applications & samples using Cloud Pods in LocalStack.

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