Understanding LocalStack

Learn how LocalStack emulates services and runs your serverless applications.

The documents in this section are dedicated to the internals, the configuration options, and the limitations of LocalStack.
The following figure shows an overview of the covered topics:

Overview of LocalStack internals


Environment variables which affect LocalStack.

External Service Port Range

The range of ports used by services not directly provided by LocalStack

Filesystem Layout

Overview of runtime directory structure

Initialization hooks

Write shell or Python scripts to customize or initialize your LocalStack instance.

Lambda Executor Modes

Overview of the different Lambda execution modes

Persistence Mechanism

Configuration and internals of LocalStack persistence mechanism

ARM64 Support

Describes the support for the ARM64 CPU architecture in LocalStack.


Describes how to run LocalStack inside Podman.

LocalStack Limitations

Known limitations of LocalStack and its services

LocalStack usage tracking

Understand what data LocalStack collects and how you can opt out of usage tracking.

Custom endpoint for LocalStack Web UI

Overview of the configurable custom local endpoint for the LocalStack Web UI

LocalStack Coverage

Overview of the implemented AWS APIs in LocalStack